Unique Workshops


General public, seasoned yogis, dancers and other movement educators can enhance their practice by applying new ideas, like reversibility and differentiation, to habitual movement patterns.

Any practice can be deepened through heightened awareness.


For the past years, I have been offering workshops in Atom Yoga, Feldenkrais & Experiential anatomy in yoga studios and dance festivals in Greece, and abroad.


I am planning a series of workshops and webinars. If you are interested in participating or hosting one of my events please contact me.

For All

Mommy's Back

Built from personal experience, these "take home" exercises will provide busy moms, who don't have time for regular lessons, the tools necessary to restore body functionality in the comfort of their home.



The Myth of the Posture Perfect

The computer user's ultimate toolkit

Actively transform your daily desktop routine!

Become more conscious of your posture and learn practical mini-routines to release tension safely and effectively during or after a busy day.



For Dance


Awareness for Dance: Hips

Oriental dance is based on hip movement, yet how much of the mechanics of the pelvis/hip joint movements are we really aware of? Far from a stale anatomy lesson, in this class we will use fun experiments and lessons based on yoga and the Feldenkrais method to map out bodies through awareness and sensation.



Awareness for Dance: Arms

The movement and musculature of our arms is rooted in our torso. Through exercises based on yoga and the Feldenkrais method, we will be exploring the connection between limbs and spine, proximal and distal, finding support and power to make our arm movements more precise and eloquent.

For Yoga


Functional Yoga
In Yoga we learn to tune into our mind, body and breath processes. But what we tune into is only what is already available to us. When the principles of the Feldenkrais Method combine with yoga, they bring new depths of understanding and connection to the function and structure of the self.



Spherical Breath
Come to a deeper understanding of the diversity in the patterns of interaction between muscle groups used in breathing.


Simple yet powerful exercises will allow you to expand your awareness in one of the fundamental components of yoga, pranayama.