I move therefore I am...


       ...I breath therefore I am...

atom yoga is a unique blend
of Kripalu yoga, Feldenkrais methodology and meditation techniques,
aiming to train your attention and awareness skills and improve the quality of your movement.


Respecting individuality
is a key element of atom yoga


Keeping in mind  the deep skeletal differences, you can find your individual path to every posture, using sensation to guide you into alignment.


There is no "right" way...
only YOUR way!


Throughout the practice we cultivate attention the mind-body, the breath,
to being present in the moment.


Your breath becomes the teacher,
setting the rhythm for your body to follow. Staying tuned, safe, modeling
the practice to yourself and not the self to the practice.

"While concentrating and calming down is certainly a part of meditation, it is only half of the story. The other half of the process is clarifying... sensory experience.

Clarifying leads to insight".


Shinzen Young - The Science of Enlightenment

Inspired from several different disciplines and heavily influenced by the teaching of Shinzen Young, in atom yoga meditation, we learn both focused attention and open monitoring techniques.


Through a variety of lessons in attention training we attempt to effortlessly bring the wandering mind into a balanced state of fluidity, alertness and optimal performance.

Atom Yoga guided meditation audios

are available in the INSIGHT Timer FREE App


I move therefore I am...


     ...I breath therefore I am...